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With a Hundred Pipers
Wi' a hundred pipers and a', and a'
Wi' a hundred pipers and a', and a'
We'll up an' gie them a blaw, a blaw.
Wi' a hundred pipers and a' and a',
Oh, it's o'er the border awa', awa',
It's o'er the border awa', awa'.
We'll on and we'll march to Karisol, ha!
Wi' it's yetts, it's castles and a' and a'.
Wi' a hundred pipers and a', and a'
Wi' a hundred pipers and a', and a'
We'll up an' gie them a blaw, a blaw.
Wi' a hundred pipers and a' and a'.

Oh, oor soldier lads look braw, look braw,
Wi' their tartan kilts, and a' and a'.
Wi' their bonnets and feathers and glittering gear,
And pibrochs sounding loud and clear.
Will they a' return to ain dear glen?
Will they a' return, oor highland men?
Second sighted Scandi looked fu' awa'.
An' mithers grat as they marched away.
Wi' a hundred pipers and a', and a'
Wi' a hundred pipers and a', and a'
We'll up an' gie them a blaw, a blaw.
Wi' a hundred pipers and a' and a'.

The Esk was swollen sae red,
:iconnightbringer24:Nightbringer24 1 0
Morphean Highlanders Overview
Name: Morpheus V
Segmentum: Segmentum Tempestus
Sector: Morphean Sector
System: Antelaris System
Population: 10,000,000 (est.)
Affiliation: Imperium of Man
Class: Agri-world/minor civilised World
Tithe: Exactis Prima
Morpheus V is in located in a spiral arm, one of eight planets, just off the galactic boundary between the Segmentum Tempestus in the galactic south and the Segmentum Solar in the galactic centre. The planet is the only fully inhabitable planet in the Morpheus sector, the second being the forge world of Morpheus VII.
Morpheus' natural environment is very similar to pre-Hive World Terra. It's form is made up of four continents: Morpheus Primaris, Morpheus Secundus, Morpheus Tertius and Morpheus Quaternus, with the former two being split from the latter two by large ocean .
The main landmasses are covered in a vast, infertile grassland with the large mountains and hills towards the 'centre' of each landmass having the most fertile soil, a p
:iconnightbringer24:Nightbringer24 1 21
Disciple of Carrion: test :iconnightbringer24:Nightbringer24 5 14 Converse and Concrete :iconnightbringer24:Nightbringer24 0 4
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Just the pictures on DA that catch my fancy.


So my job with Debenhams finished on January 7th, so for over a month, I have been jobless. And considering my history, I was kind of resigned to that fact.

Basically, I have this, well, I view it as a curse that I will go through almost an entire year without a job until the Christmas period whereupon I will end up getting a Christmas Temp job, which will last a few months, then I lose it and I have to look for a new job. I'll have a few interviews which invariably lead to nothing and then I'll get another Christmas Temp job and then the cycle starts all over again.

I have a job again, working at a new Home Bargains store that's opening up a few towns over from my home town. It's not much, only eight hours a week, but it's money.
  • Watching: Tipping Point
  • Drinking: Fanta Orange.


Update: work sucks (it really is not fun for numerous reasons, let alone the management), but I've started reading a piece of literature that I've wanted to read for years now: Dante's Divine Comedy. Currently at Canto 9, the entrance to the city of Dis. And I gotta say: I'm REALLY liking it.
“Oh Him On Earth, heavenly protector of Mankind, guide our sons to battle in your name. Watch over them as they teach their hands to war. Guide their limbs as they strike at your foes and keep safe your realms. Be their rock in times of peril and their shield against the enemy. And in their final hour, let your arms enfold them as your angels bring them to your side. Ave Imperator.”
I don't understand a single thing about the Death Stranding trailer... but I want to watch more.
And I now have Total War: Warhammer. Aces!
New laptop is working well. Used Steam to get some games up and running properly, but I'm thinking of getting one or two of the STALKER games, although I'm not sure whether to stick with regular keyboard or get an actual controller for it.


United Kingdom
I like art, writing, models and generally anything to do with art.
I am a Hellsing, Lego, Warhammer 40,000 and video game fan.
I am a writer more than an artist.

My Tumblr:
My Youtube:…
My wargaming blog:

British Soldiers Stamp by BumsyImperium Stamp by EldaneshHighlanders by E350tbCalifornia Republic NV Stamp by SuperFlash1980Scottish Heritage Stamp by QuetzalLeoCommunism by 1stClassStampsScottish and British Stamp by qtxadsyFallout NCR Ranger Stamp by DeathbymoddingWarhammer 40000 by ehxtraordinaryBritish Steel Stamp by PyroTeamkillBritish Empire Stamp by SimonLMoore



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